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Hawaii Beach Yoga

Address: 77-6434 Ali'i Dr.
City: Kailua Kona
State: Hawaii
Zip: 96740
Country: country
First name: Celeste
Last name: Cline
Website URL:
Yoga styles: All Yoga Styles, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga
Other style: Pranayama/Chi Kung
Level 1: All levels welcome
Level 2: All levels welcome
Level 3: All levels welcome
Teachers: 7
Classes: 12
Cost per class: Donation-based
Certifications: All teachers yoga certified and insured

Please check us out online for an up-to-date class schedule and current locations.

At Hawaii Beach Yoga we are bringing yoga out of the studio and into the light! As you move your yoga practice away from walls, ceilings, and fees, you free yourself from perceived limitations. You can expand with your surroundings. We believe everyone should have access to quality yoga classes without worrying about costs. We are here to help build a community rich in health and vitality; a strong and flexible community, grounded in inner peace. Our teachers are as devoted to inspiring and developing your yoga practice as you are - we will give what we can to our students every day without expectation.  We hope that you will also give what you can to each class, from your energy to your donation. In this manner we all commit to keep the wealth circulating in life by giving and receiving some of life's best gifts: compassion and appreciation. Aloha and Namaste! Come practice with us, we are excited to meet you!