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Review from 2012 Yoga-Recess Grant Recipient

“They are just naturals”. “It produces immediate calmness”. “We had so much fun.” These are comments I have already heard as teachers are beginning to incorporate snippets of yoga into their classroom day.

The faculty at Bright School is finishing the school year, but they are just beginning to reap the benefits of receiving the Yoga-Recess grant. A major chunk of the funding went to train our school counselor as a children’s yoga instructor. In March she traveled to Erie, Pennsylvania to be trained by Harris Lender, founder and director of Kidding Around Yoga. She returned to school ready to fly. She is incorporating yoga into the monthly time she has in each classroom - time devoted to character education. She uses yoga to develop a camaraderie with the children, add some fun, and to help them learn how they can use yoga to help them focus and concentrate.

Her visits have also helped to spark interest of classroom teachers in children’s yoga. As materials have been arriving  for our school’s yoga lending library, teachers have been ready and waiting to utilize books, decks of cards with yoga poses, and DVD’s to help  them spread the yoga fun.

The new year will open with all things in place to see yoga as an integral part of our life at Bright School. I have dreams of seeing yoga as a part of our daily physical education program, and want to make a video of our whole school doing the “Yoga Slide”  together. In my own classroom I want to incorporate a daily yoga pose and have yoga class options several times a week at recess. I want to continue to spur the interest of faculty by having yoga moments at faculty meeting, where materials can be highlighted and teachers can share how they are fusing yoga practices into their daily lives at school.

The school yoga adventure began with some big dreams. The funds from Yoga Recess and the energy of an amazing faculty are bringing those dreams to fruition. Namaste!

Denise Cooper
Recipient of the 2012 Yoga-Recess Grant
The Bright School
1950 McDade Lane
Chattanooga, TN 37405