Yoga Health Foundation


As a nonprofit organization we put our hearts and souls into creating an awareness campaign that will inspire millions to live healthier lives. But we can’t do it alone! With the help of you and fellow passionate volunteers we are making a difference nationally.

Be a Yoga Month Ambassador

Yoga Month Ambassadors support the mission of Yoga Health Foundation by inspiring healthy living within their own communities and throughout their state. Ambassadors are dedicated individuals who wish to introduce yoga to fellow community members that are new to the practice while simultaneously working with experienced local yogis to create community events.

What will you do?

  • Invite local yoga studios and teachers to participate in National Yoga Month (print this PDF or Word Doc and hand one copy to the owner/manager of local yoga studios, fitness studios and wellness and health centers)
  • Share our National Yoga Month updates on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Platforms

It won't take very long for you to do this but you will be a vital part of a global awareness campaign.

Thank you so much for being a leading light and inspiration.