Yoga Health Foundation


As a nonprofit organization we put our hearts and souls into creating an awareness campaign that will inspire millions to live healthier lives. But we can’t do it alone! With the help of our amazing network of passionate volunteers we are making a difference nationally. We urge you to support our cause and lend a hand!

The Yoga Ambassador Challenge

Yoga Ambassadors support the mission of Yoga Health Foundation by inspiring healthy living within their own communities and throughout their state. Ambassadors are dedicated individuals who wish to introduce yoga to fellow community members that are new to the practice while simultaneously working with experienced local yogis to create community events.

As leaders within their communities, ambassadors are driven by their passion for yoga and dedicated to meeting seasonal goals of statewide awareness and support of Yoga Health Foundation’s mission.

Become an ambassador today!

While our Yoga Ambassador program is the primary opportunity available for interested yogis, we also welcome support in other areas as well:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Spreading the word online through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogging, etc.
  • Promoting Yoga Health Foundation at local events
  • Creative tasks such as graphic design, photography and videography
  • Reaching out to school teachers and parents about Yoga Recess

Learn more and apply by downloading the Ambassador Application Kit (Word Doc).