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Sacred Chant: A Path to Oneness


Best-selling chant masters Deva Premal & Miten offer perspectives on how chanting mantras in Sanskrit offers a yogic path to union of body, mind and spirit.

Deva: "It's an ancient science of the benefit of certain sounds on certain energy centers, and also on a physical body. It's very scientific, which mantra is for what situation. There are mantras for physical healing -- and it doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't do anything else, that you just chant the mantra and you heal. It just opens your own perception and your life to the right healing modality, it can open you to meeting the right person who can help you with the healing. It's an energetic transformation that happens through the chanting of the sacred sounds... "

Miten: "Metaphysically, mantras which are thousands of years old, were conceived by ecstatic souls who understood, and were experimenting with, the power of sound. The Sanskrit language is a sacred language, not used now, apart from in ceremonies. Sanskrit carries the essence of the object or energy it describes. It is not descriptive, as is our language – it is the actual sound of the energy. Hence, ananda, chanted repeatedly, will bring one into a state of bliss, because ananda is the actual essential sound of bliss."

Deva: "It’s working on a cellular level. It’s much deeper than the mind. It’s not a language that you need to understand the meaning of before you use it. It’s a deep universal sound code that connects us all.”

Deva & Miten will be on tour in the USA, Canada and Mexico this September, with bansuri maestro Manose and keyboard wizard Maneesh de Moor. You can find their tour schedule here.