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One Week Free Yoga during National Yoga Month Sept.

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Throughout the month of September, people across the country will have access to an entire week of free yoga classes by visiting The offer is part of the National Yoga Month campaign which is designed to educate, inspire and generate awareness of the positive impact of yoga on health.

During National Yoga Month, one of a select few national health observances, millions will come together for free events and activities. Festivities will take place across the U.S., with over 1,800 yoga studios, teachers, individuals and organizers taking part in their own hometowns. The events are all designed to educate people about the mind and body benefits of yoga practice.

“We are all looking for ways to take an active role in managing our health. There are readily available solutions that don’t necessarily require insurance or even a doctor,” said Johannes R. Fisslinger, co-founder of National Yoga Month. “Preventative wellness can be accessed by simply unrolling a yoga mat!”

Organizers ask everyone to share the good news, be an inspiration and leader in their community and invite family and friends to free yoga.