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New York City Yoga Month

My practice eventually led to completing a teacher training and since then I’ve met some of the most amazing people and had incredible journeys and adventures. My latest journey and adventure is being a part of Off the Mat into the World’s Global Seva Challenge. Each year OTM sponsors these challenges and asks participants to individually raise $20,000 for a humanitarian work. This year’s challenge will raise money for the nearly 1 million refugees  still living in tents in Haiti. I took this challenge on two months ago because I wanted to be a part of something bigger than I was, to give something back, and to see if I could actually make a difference in the world. At first asking people to donate their time and money was daunting, but I have been amazed by the love and support my family and community has given me. Like every journey there have been many challenges along they way, both internal and external, but now I breathe a little steadier and so far, so good! If you’d like to join me to raise money for haiti, you can donate now at: