Yoga Health Foundation

Embrace Activism & Yoga Health Foundation Reaching Out

Embrace Activism is proud to announce its Shop to Support partnership with Yoga Health Foundation. Karen Whittier, Chief Activist, noted: “I am thrilled to support Yoga Health Foundation’s efforts to increase awareness of the many benefits of yoga.”

The Embrace Activism partnership will specifically impact Yoga-Recess, the national campaign coordinated by the Yoga Health Foundation to bring yoga-based health education into classrooms. Yoga has been shown to cause positive changes to body, mind and spirit. Ms Whittier continued, “It’s been a goal of Embrace Activism to empower people to take more control over their own health by encouraging them to incorporate yoga into their lifestyle. I can’t think of a better strategy for promoting health and wellness than introducing yoga to school children…having them develop healthy habits early that will carry on as they grow older.” Throughout the month of September, National Yoga Month, Embrace Activism will donate 20% of sales, when using promo code Yoga-Recess, to Yoga Health Foundation for Yoga-Recess.

About Embrace Activism

Embrace Activism is the online source for yoga products with a CAUSE! Exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of developing a variety of serious illnesses from cancer to chronic illnesses like diabetes. Yoga is an ideal form of exercise as there’s a style available for everyone regardless of age or fitness level. Embrace Activism promotes health and wellness with yoga products that are health and eco-friendly as well as socially-conscious. Giving back and supporting community are values Embrace Activism lives and breathes; donating time, product and money to both local and national organizations. Stepping onto an Embrace Activism yoga mat, you know you’re doing MORE with your practice! For more information visit

Written by Yuan Fisslinger, PhD(c)