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About National Yoga Month

Our mission of National Yoga Month is to educate about the health benefits of yoga and to inspire healthy and conscious lifestyle.

How it all started?

In 2006 Johannes R. Fisslinger co-founded the Health Breast Cancer Foundation to research the link between emotions, traumas and cancer. The kick-off event was the Heal Breast Cancer Awards and fundraiser in Beverly Hills, California featuring Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Carl Simonton, Dr. Christine Northrup, Dr. Dean Ornish and many others integrative health and conscious living experts An extensive list of Hollywood A celebrities supported and attended the event and together with over 500 attendees at the gala they were amazed by the knowledge, wisdom and inspiration from these amazing teachers.

The organizing team surrounding Johannes R. Fisslinger was so inspired and motivated that they planned a Yoga for Cure national campaign to bring attention to yoga and it potential to help people heal. But after some research they noticed that almost all national awareness campaigns were about diseases (like Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and not about what we really want in life: Health. Happiness. Longevity. Conscious Living.

Hence, National Yoga Month was born .. inspired by Eckhart Tolle, Christine Northrup, Dean Ornish, Carl Simonton.

Thanks to Rachel Levine, who organized Yoga Week at the National Institute of Health in Washington DC at that time, we were approved the same year as a national observance as listed by

From the start we felt it was necessary to build National Yoga Month as a grassroots, community-based awareness campaign with the mission to educate about the health benefits of yoga and to inspire a healthy lifestyle. To kick off Yoga Month we organized a 10 City Yoga Health Festival tour in September 2008 with events in major yoga cities like

  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Vancouver
  • Denver
  • Chicago
  • Miami
  • San Diego
  • Boston.

Since 2008 Yoga Month has grown into a powerful national campaign with 1,000+ yoga studios and teachers throughout US and worldwide participating and offering yoga, meditation and mindfulness events.

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